The Rolling Stones – ‘Living in a Ghost Town’


After years of silence, The Rolling Stones are back with a lockdown song.

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Everyone knows who The Rolling Stones are; they’re one of the few bands that doesn’t really need an introduction. After 8 years of near silence, they finally released new music this past week, with the aptly named ‘Living in a Ghost Town’. The song speaks of the quarantine feels of us all at the moment, with lead singer Mick Jagger singing of having ‘so much time to lose, just staring at my phone’ and life being ‘so beautiful, and then we all got locked down’. Its sound almost gives me a Specials, ska revival vibe with its off beat rhythms and backing choruses (especially with it’s funky sax and harmonica solo halfway through), definitely harkening back to the blues influences that started the band way back when in 1962. With their newest tour and rumoured 30th studio album being postponed due to the pandemic, this newest single has given the world just a taste of what new stuff the iconic band have got on the horizon, and I for one can’t wait to see what they put out next.

The Rolling Stones’ ‘Living In A Ghost Town’ is out now via Universal International Music B.V.


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