Review: ‘Scarlet’ – The Lost Rolling Stones and Jimmy Page Record

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As if Keith Richards isn't enough, Jimmy Page takes this bluesy record to new heights.

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Mick Jagger. The man, the myth, and the inspiration for Adam Levine it seems. At the ripe age of 77, Jagger and The Rolling Stones are still as strong as ever and have been steadily pumping out tune after tune, with the latest being their long-lost track ‘Scarlet’. Not only is this bluesy-rock number one with a head-bopping rhythm it also features Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy Page; whose daughter shares her name with the track.

Back in 1974 when the number was originally recorded, Keith Richards recalled walking into the studio just as Zeppelin were finishing a recording, and Jimmy decided to stay (rock god heaven huh), one thing led to another and Jimmy was playing on the track at a time when both bands were hitting the peak of their careers. And yes, this is definitely some sort of guitar heaven, Page and Keith Richards gamely play cat and mouse as they chase through chords whilst Jagger crones on in his distinct voice about a woman who may or may not deserve his affections.

Although an old track from the 70s the record comes from an extremely important era for the band, the lead guitarist Mick Taylor had quit the band leaving them a vacancy for one of the most fundamental positions of a rock band. Evidently the band had tried to replace Taylor with Jimmy Page but alas this collaboration was just a one-off occurrence and, after undergoing a series of auditions, Ronnie Wood, who is still in the band to this day, was given the role.

‘Scarlet’ is to feature on the extended version of the Goat’s Head Soup, set to be released in September. The track itself feels somewhat unfinished, as if there are a few loose ties needed sewing up – whilst not necessarily a lost classic it’s still an interesting addition to the Stones’ canon. Although ‘Scarlet’ was recorded well after the Goat Head Soup sessions had concluded, it certainly makes for a puzzling addition due to the chronological order. By hey, when you’re The Rolling Stones you can do what you like, I’m still gonna lap it up.

‘Scarlet’ is out via Universal International Music and available to stream on all music platforms.


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