Review: Sleeping at Last – ‘Five (Instrumental)’; Soothing Simple Beauty


Sleeping At Last capture every emotion in their instrumental renditions of 'Atlas: Enneagram'

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If you’ve not heard of Sleeping At Last, all you need to know is that it’s the musical project of singer-songwriter, Ryan O’Neal. It began in Illinois in 1999, and has been gracing listeners’ ears with soothing timbres and melodies for 21 years.

Over the last few years, Sleeping At Least have released various albums and EPs, specifically linked to themes, for example Atlas: I (2014), which spans across 6 thematic EPs: Darkness, Light, Space I, Space II, and Lands & Oceans.

Atlas: Enneagram was released last year, with nine songs all titled after their appearance in the album’s tracklist. This album has a song for each Enneagram type, with ‘Five’ detailing Type 5. Type 5s are described as perceptive, innovative, secretive, and isolated, and the lyrics to ‘Five’ capture this perfectly. As O’Neal sings gorgeously, “like I was already brave enough to let go. And now I want to generously lose this energy that i’ve been hanging onto so desperately”, he speaks to all Type 5 listeners.

Now, Sleeping At Last have released Atlas: Enneagram (Instrumentals), which has just as much power as its original album. In ‘Five (Instrumental)’, the strings have such an emotive quality to them, which simultaneously soothe and haunt the listener. In replace of O’Neal’s voice, a piano is played, capturing the same power and feelings which O’Neal demonstrated on the original album.

Instrumentals aren’t always the most exciting songs to listen to, but sometimes they’re exactly what you need. Listen to ‘Five (Instrumental)’ to feel soothed and relaxed, before bed or before you start your day.

Atlas: Enneagram (Instrumentals) is available to listen to now via Asteroid B-612.


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