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Another bop from Vistas to make you realise how much you miss live music.

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Only three months after the release of their debut album Everything Changes in the End (2020), Edinburgh’s newest Indie Rock trio Vistas are back with another great release. ‘Stranger’ draws on the band’s consistently upbeat and youthful style. Lead vocalist Prentice Robertson’s charming Scottish accent shines through, alongside the fuzzy guitar riffs and excitable crashing drums, to create the band’s staple care-free, coming-of-age sound. The song feels summery, blissful and somewhat nostalgic making it the perfect soundtrack for mindless teenage fun.

Simultaneously, the lyrics carry a sentimental and relatable message, focusing on a break-up. The music video may speak to this loss, featuring a bare room and headless mannequin bodies. There’s a brief strip of heavy drums in the second verse, slowing down the mood and drawing attention to lines such as “I hope that you don’t feel broken” and “was I not enough?”. This sorrowful tone is replaced almost instantly with the return of the fast-pace tempo, creating a sudden and cathartic contrast. Much like the rest of Vistas’ discography, I have no doubt that ‘Stranger’ would be a treat to experience at a live show.

Whilst ‘Stranger’ is great for a quick and easy mood boost, it doesn’t provide anything too revolutionary for Vistas. The track’s melody bears a strong resemblance to its predecessor ‘Retrospect’, as the band maintains their principal formula. Remaining committed to their sound may prove to be a recipe for success for the trio, especially considering the loyal fanbase they’ve built through their cheery, energetic feel. It would, however, be interesting to see how much further they’re willing to explore stylistically.

‘Stranger’ is available to listen now via Retrospect Records. 


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