Review: Of Monsters and Men – ‘Visitor’; Quintissential Dreamy Pop


The latest single from Of Monsters and Men is full of their classic sound making it a great release since their album over a year ago.

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It’s been a while since I’ve given Of Monsters and Men some notice; I didn’t even realise they’d released an album in 2019, but this week’s recent single ‘Visitor’ has reminded me exactly why I consider myself a fan of their music.

‘Visitor’ partially reminds me of their debut album My Head Is An Animal from 2011, that light pop easy listening vibe, but with a greater emphasis on the ‘pop’ this time around. Its drum-heavy beat gives the otherwise dreamy piece a grounding element which is quintessential for Of Monsters and Men’s sound, while also bringing in something that is both new and intriguing.

The video itself brings on a post-apocalyptic feel. Shot in February, the storyline of the piece follows a pair between two states – what they see and what their reality is. It really cements this idea from the track’s lyrics of visiting memories and not having the same perception as you once did. The slow-motion segments and the lighting presented by the rising sun really exacerbates the feel, as well as the inclusion of some stunning shots.

My only criticism of ‘Visitor’ is that the song is far too short. Of Monsters and Men could have made the piece twice as long and I still would listen to it on repeat over and over again (which is very much what I did here.)

‘Visitor’ is available to listen to now via Republic Records.


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