Review: Bastille – ‘survivin”

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Bastille‘s new single ‘survivin” is a charming, yet slightly underwhelming track. In it, lead singer Dan Smith attempts to summarise his feelings of hurt and suffering from the past year into something more uplifting.

The instrumentation is sweet and simple, featuring a laid back drum beat and a saxophone sample that gives the song a lazy summer feeling. The pre-chorus features something new for Bastille: auto-tune. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to add much to the track except a jarring robotic sound before such a pleasant chorus.

Smith takes his lowered spirits and tries to lighten them in a relatable, catchy chorus. The lyrics “what can I say? I’m surviving, crawling out these sheets so see another day” are hopeful and charming, as they focus on the endeavor to survive and feel okay.

Amidst the strange choice of autotune and some slightly bland instrumentation, Bastille has emerged with an enjoyable track which I feel would perform best quietly playing on a kitchen stereo.

‘survivin” is available to listen to now via Virgin Records. You can watch the lyric video here:




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