Review: Anne-Marie ‘Problems’; A Disappointing Change to Her Sound


A little different from previous hits from Anne-Marie, but the music backing it beautiful.

  • 5.5

As a fellow Essex gal (and from the same college), I vow to support Anne-Marie through everything. I’ve seen her live a few times and just love her so much. As my biggest streamed artist, you can tell I’m pretty well versed in Marie’s discography – from your ‘Alarm’ to ‘Ciao Adios’ to ‘FRIENDS’ ft. Marshmallo… I know it all. She’s an amazing live artist and talented songwriter for someone who is not even 30 yet!

However, ‘Problems’ does not live up to expectations and left me disappointed. The lyrics are poor and make little sense. I respect that Marie was trying something different and that is why I have rated it 2.5 stars… yet it just does not work. She has incredible vocal ability and control but this track does not do her justice – a shame really. With that being said, the backing track is stunning and dream-like. If that was released without the lyrics, it would be a great piece of music to accompany a coming-of-age film.

‘Problems’ is available to listen to now via Warner Records UK.


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