Review: cleopatrick – ‘FAMILY VAN’; Good Old-Fashioned Hardcore Grunge


cleopatrick's latest addition to their upcoming album offers the hard rock grit we've been missing.

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If you haven’t heard of cleopatrick by now then you’re seriously missing out. The Canada-based grunge rockers are up-and-coming, and with their debut album BUMMER set to be released later in the summer, now’s the chance to get a hold of their epic sound.

The latest addition to the tracklist is one that fits perfectly with the previous releases. ‘FAMILY VAN’ hits the mark, giving off mosh pits vibes for days. The duo blends relatable lyricism with heavy beats and incredible guitar riffs that literally make you feel like you’re back in your emo days. If a band can sing about coffees, “Mixing macchiatos for these old men, wondering what’s its worth, wondering who I am”, and still sound cool – then you know they’re good. ‘FAMILY VAN’ is a short track but it hits hard as its fast-paced tune and gritty vocals make you ready for more.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes and YONAKA then don’t sleep on cleopatrick. With BUMMER set for release soon, ‘FAMILY VAN’ is the needed addition to prior tracks ‘GOOD GRIEF’ and ‘THE DRAKE’.

‘FAMILY VAN’ is available to listen to now via Nowhere Special Recordings. Check out the band’s official ‘PowerPoint’ for the track below.



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