Review: Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – ‘New Age Millenial Magic’


Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard's latest track brings the sweet sound of old school rock 'n' roll with a modern twist.

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Never have I felt like I’ve been listening to a wacky combination of The Beatles and Declan McKenna more than Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard‘s latest track. The Cardiff-based band always know how to piece together a song that reminisces on the heyday of the rock ‘n’ roll era, yet it’s their newest single ‘New Age Millenial Magic’ that hits the nail on the head with the band’s best tune so far.

2020s ‘John Lennon is My Jesus Christ’ brought Buzzard on the map for new-age rock, but ‘New Age Millennial Magic’ takes this and creates a brilliant anthem that honestly evades a timestamp and feels fit for any year and any occasion. It’s a proper feel-good tune, with fast-paced guitar riffs and upbeat vocals that resonate with catchy lyrics to get you singing along. Singing about Millenials couldn’t make the band feel more relevant, playing on old school musical tricks yet feeling close-knit with the year of 2021. It’s simultanously nostalgic and contemporary, and is just overall a really good track.

‘New Age Millenial Magic’ is available to listen to now via Communion Group Ltd.


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