Review: ABBA – ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ / ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’

VERY Exciting.

ABBA's new tracks have shown bags of potential for a sensational new album.

  • 'I Still Have Faith in You'
  • 'Don't Shut Me Down'

They’re back! After nearly four decades apart, we are again to be blessed with an album from ABBA this November. I for one am pleased as punch, and as soon as I saw there were two new songs from the upcoming Voyage on my Apple Music, I was excited to get listening. So, I grabbed my headphones and pressed play.

‘I Still Have Faith in You’

Quiet and nostalgic, the first single (and track one of the album), reminisces on the troubled past of ABBA. It seems to ask, “can we do this? can we come back together?”, and the answer is yes – we do have it in us. It is a reservedly uplifting song, and many people will find the message of finding strength to face past sorrows and find joy encouraging and relatable. It includes the full orchestral sound of ABBA, blended nicely with some input from a synth and electric guitar. Though Agnetha and Anni-Frid’s voices sound more mature, Bjorn and Benny have definitely hit the mark for a recognisably ABBA song to begin the album with. I was very pleased with the track as it acknowledges the past, ands sets up both the band and the listener for a new era of ABBA. I give ‘I Still Have Faith in You’ 4 stars out of 5.

‘Don’t Shut Me Down’

Bringing in that irresistible 80’s bass synth sound, ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ starts quiet and slow but has a nice groovy pickup. Sticking with the theme of their comeback, this track seems to speak of the excitement which has grown for the members of ABBA in anticipation of coming together again. With the iconic layered vocals, piano lead and electronic elements, the song is undeniably theirs, although I cannot help but notice that the lyrics are not as stand-out from the mix as in the old ABBA songs – which makes it a little harder to sing along to. The music still gives me that familiar euphoric vibe which I love about ABBA’s discography; though I am not sure this track is as memorable as some. I give ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ 3.5 stars out of 5.

Overall, I am very pleased with what I have heard so far of Voyage. I am excited to listen to the story that Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Fred have to tell with the album and see a lot of potential for some new favourites. I am also thoroughly glad to see that their talent has not diminished a jot over the years.

‘I Still Have Faith In You’ / ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ is out now. Watch the video for ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ below:


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  1. I Still Have Faith in You – for a moment I couldn’t imagine how anyone could write a song so good; then I remembered it was ABBA. What a fantastic song.

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