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Producer extraordinaire FINNEAS’ latest single is an alt-pop mess, just erratic enough to be endearing.

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In just a few years, Finneas O’Connell has left quite the mark on music production, thanks in large part to the dominating popularity of his sister and collaborator Billie Eilish. On the heels of spotty but occasionally very good 2020 solo singles, Finneas (stylised as though shouted) gears up to release an album all of his own this October.

‘The 90s’ compensates for any lack of bite you might find in Optimist’s other two teaser tracks. Wailing autotune throughout and distorted synth stabs as the song’s extended coda are enjoyably jarring and sit against an easy melody which ameliorates their ridiculousness. It might be overdone — the whole thing feels quite messy — but the ideas are charming and production sticky enough to circumvent this.

I think that Finneas knows that these sonics are the star of the show, as he pens lyrics noticeably more one-note than touching predecessor ‘A Concert Six Months From Now’. The first verse is not quite as witty as it thinks it is and subsequent attempts to be introspective fall a little mawkish. It isn’t bad by any means, but reflecting on the past and comparing generations feels a bit played out; ‘The 90s’ avoids delivering a unique spin on this subject.

If nothing else, Optimist will be an interesting record. It’s around a month out and, based on teasers, will comprise Finneas’ most focused (and most kooky) material yet. Why not?

‘The 90s’ is out now via OYOY / Interscope. Watch the video below:


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