The Edge On Surge: 02/11/2016


Once a week, your favourite Edge personalities head over to visit our friends at Surge Radio and hijack the studio for a little discussion about the week in all things Edge-y and entertaining. You can find us live every Wednesday at 4pm, but every week we will bring you the best bits, convenient show notes, and links to all our lovely stories right here in case you couldn’t quite catch the first broadcast.

This week’s stories:

This week’s music:


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The Edge's resident grumpy old man, a final year Web Scientist with a name even his parents couldn’t spell properly. Ask him any question and you’ll probably get the answer of “Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2015 album E•MO•TION,” which might explain why we still can't get rid of him.

Editor of The Edge 2017-18. Culture Editor before that. Sporadic writer for the Wessex Scene, DJ on Surge, known photobomber of SUSUtv's videos. Bad habits include Netflix, not doing my work and drinking too much tea.

Former Gaming Executive and 3rd Year History Student. Spring Braykkk forever...

Former Film Editor for The Edge, second year history student, Irish dancer and film enthusiast. My biggest inspiration is by Bear Grylls. Yes Bear Grylls. Originally from West London.

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