Review: KAYTRANADA feat. Syd – ‘You’re The One’

Classic Funk

A slick and cool production by KAYTRANADA that showcases his musical influences and abilities with Syd's vocals adding sweetness to funk-infused jam.

  • Classic Funk

Taken as the latest single from 99.9%, KAYTRANADA’s debut studio album, ‘You’re The One’ exudes magic and moments reminiscent of the late ’60s disco era. His beautiful production style fits with a rising group of musicians such as GoldLink, Anderson .Paak, and Tom Misch, who are mastering the blend between modern dance music, funk, and hip-hop (and, for the first two on ‘Together’ and ‘Glowed Up’ respectively, featuring on previous KAYTRANADA singles). 99.9% effortlessly rides the borderline between being both retro and modern, with ‘You’re The One’ combining the two perfectly.

KAYTRANADA is known for soul-infused chord progressions both on his original works and his remixes, and the synth melody and percussion work here doesn’t disappoint, working perfectly together for a fresh, up-tempo ambience. The driving force of the track is its syncopated bassline, playing perfectly in the pockets of the instrumentation and creating a consistent bounce throughout.

Vocals from The Internet’s singer/producer Syd Tha Kid fit nicely, though her vocal melody remains fairly simple and potentially could have benefited from some additional harmonic arrangement. However, with such a complex production, this vocal simplicity may be stylistically appropriate as it does match song’s the laid-back nature. Moreover, its enticing lyrics (“You know I want you baby, you know I do / I’ll give you my heart and the rest is up to you”) are both catchy and relatable. With a definite feel-good track that presents a great sample of what you can hear on the rest of the album, ‘You’re The One’ is KAYTRANADA effortlessly demonstrating his abilities and why he should already be in your record collection.

‘You’re The One’ is out now via XL


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