Your fantasy professor: Stephen Fry takes on a new role


Have you ever dreamt of what your perfect teacher would be like? Have you imagined them as witty, fiercely intelligent and possibly even…famous? Well for some this dream has just become a reality. Comedic genius Stephen Fry is taking on possibly his most challenging role. That of university professor. Of course this genius could only teach at one university in England, that of the prestigious Oxford University.

The British icon will be teaching contemporary theatre at St. Catherine’s College as of February next year and will be taking students through a series of workshops and passing on his own unique experience. The actor, writer and television presenter takes over from theatre director Sir Michael Boyd but I highly doubt any of Boyd’s students will be too put out with their replacement.

When asked on how he would be approaching this new career move Fry commented “This is an extraordinary honour and an extraordinary opportunity. I really look forward to engaging with students who are enthusiastic and passionate about the performing arts.

‘Dance and music will feature little in my time there, I am sorry to say, but I hope to help students devise comic and dramatic pieces, talk through rehearsal, writer-performing techniques and procedures, and give what benefit I might have to offer from over a quarter of a century of larking about on stage and screen.

‘Above all I hope we’ll all have fun. It’s not by accident that dramatic pieces are actually called “plays” and that in Shakespeare’s day actors were “players”‘.


I do have to admit to a little bit of jealousy at all those who will be lucky enough to study under this great mind. The man has proven to constantly adapt and excel in every profession taken up whether it be theatre, film or presenting and all this combined with an outstanding wit truly defines Fry as one of Britain’s treasures.  If anything, I sincerely hope one of the students is smart enough to film those workshops because for many they’re experiencing something amazing. Also there’s bound to be some incredible one-liners.

Though for now viewing Fry on University Challenge may just have to suffice.


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