Muppets Most Wanted full trailer released


A full trailer for the Muppet’s next outing on the big screen has now been released, after the release of a teaser earlier this year.

The full trailer continues the trend of using fake Twitter handles, including ‘GreightGonzo’, ‘KermitRules17’ and ‘WockaWocka23’, and fake twitter comments on the movie. It also features several of the most popular characters from the Muppets franchise, including Statler and Waldorf, Kermit and Animal. The trailer also takes a playful look at the internet, complete with fake pop ups and a buffering wheel.

The film also features Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and cameos from actors and musicians alike, including Tom Hiddleston, Lady Gaga and Zach Galifiankis.

Muppets Most Wanted will be released in UK theatres 28th March 2014.


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