Zack Snyder unveils first look at Affleck as Batman


US director Zach Snyder tweeted a teaser photo of his upcoming film Batman vs. Superman Batmobile yesterday. Promising an even better shot, he has now revealed the first image of Ben Affleck as Batman, posing in front of the new and improved Batmobile.

The teaser photo, with its monochromatic quality, resembles the visuals and cinematography of the previous Batman-led trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. (It seems as though cinematographer Larry Fong has been inspired by Wally Pfister’s dark visuals, evident in many of Nolan’s films.) 

The superhero collaboration will see Batman (Affleck) and Wonderwoman (Gal Gadot) join a few of the characters from Snyder’s Man of Steel; Superman (Henry Cavill), Lois Lane (Amy Adams), Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) and Diana Lane (Martha Kent).

Batman vs. Superman will be released 30th April, 2016 in the UK and 6th May, 2016 in the US.


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