Edward Sharpe ‘votes out’ singer Jade Castrinos


Jade Castrinos, vocalist of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, appears to have been fired shortly before the beginning of the band’s North American tour.

Edward Sharpe first acknowledged her absence on tour in a Facebook post in response to fans queries, saying she was ‘ok’ and that they all still ‘dearly loved each other’.

Neither the band nor Castrinos had spoken about the circumstances that led to her departure until Jade posted on her Instagram: “for seven years i sang and wrote music with Edward Sharpe. they voted me off of tour a week before they left, via email. lol”


Edward Sharpe’s front man, Alex Ebert, responded to Castrinos’ comment with a Facebook post that read:

Jade has spoken out about not being on this tour. Her statement left a lot of things to the imagination. Out of respect for Jade, I will keep it that way.
Only we must now explain that simply and sadly, we did not feel right doing this tour with Jade. That fact breaks my heart in ways I don’t want to describe.
With hope with all of ourselves that we reunite with Jade again, free-spirited, and with that daring love that is our only foundation.
love for you all.
Alexander Ebert

The reply, that drew crowds of public attention and criticism, led to a longer, more elaborate response attempting to address rumours.


All posts have since been deleted from the band’s official Facebook page.

Many fans have taken to social media to air their grievances and condemn the band’s dynamics now Castrinos is absent.

The Magnetic Zeros’ debut album, Up from Below, was released in 2009. The hit track ‘Home’ from the album featured Ebert and Castrinos singing together as a duet. Included on the album was the equally popular song ‘Jade’ written about Castrinos.

Listen to ‘Jade’ below.


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