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In this year’s E3 conference, Microsoft seemed determined to shake off the rather embarrassing debris of their conference last year, in which more time was given to television and Kinect, than the games people were actually interested in. Rather, their conference a few hours ago (9:30 LA time and 17:30 our time) appeared far more focused on what the Xbox One’s future gaming library had to offer.

The conference was split into two parts: starting off with the games to be released later this year and finishing with games in development for next year. You can also read our round ups of the SonyEANintendo, and Ubisoft conferences.

2014 Games

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Microsoft started their conference off with one of the biggest franchises in gaming. It was announced that Xbox One would have first access to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare content, including DLC. Also both a demo and trailer were show off, boasting sharp visuals and plenty of explosions.

Release date: Fall 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition

A trailer was shown for the follow-up to the controversial Dragon Age 2: Dragon Age: Inquisition. Sure to reveal far more at the EA conference, the trailer focused on the characters the player is sure to encounter throughout the game.

Release date: October 7th 2014

Dead Rising 3: Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition DX Plus Alpha DLC

Capcom showed a rather over-the-top trailer for new DLC for Dead Rising fans. The trailer shows an arcade-like style collection for Dead Rising 3, which appears to focus on Capcom’s various licences, including Street Fighter.

Release date: Avaliable now

Sunset Overdrive

Further light was shed upon the previously revealed Xbox exclusive title at today’s conference. Insomniac games showed both a humorous trailer and quick demo of their new IP, which deliberately poked fun at the gritty first-person shooter genre. Sunset Overdrive is a third-person shooter with an emphasis on freedom of movement and weapon variety.

Release date: October 28th 2014

Assassins Creed: Unity

Under the weight of a slew of recently-announced details, Assassins Creed: Unity attempted to add to the hype by revealing that there will be a four player co-op mode. This mode appears designed to allow players to work together to complete story assassinations, and was seamlessly demonstrated by Ubisoft in a carefully crafted demo.

Release date: Fall 2014

Ori and the Blind Forest

Perhaps the biggest surprise of Microsoft’s E3 conference was the reveal of a brand-new IP entitled Ori and The Blind Forest. The game was shown off in a trailer that teased a stunning art style, a beautifully quiet story and platforming elements. This game appears to be something Microsoft doesn’t usually venture into, but looks ever more intriguing because of it.

Release date: 2014 TBA

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Microsoft announced that they will be releasing a remastered collection of Halo games this year. Definitely one for the long-term Xbox devotees, the collection will include Halo: anniversary, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 all on one disc, will all the content unlocked. This also includes multi-player, which was shown off in a demo of a revitalised Halo 2 match. For anyone interested in reliving or discovering the Halo series on a new console, this announcement is all win.

Release date: November 11th 2014

Halo 5: Guardians

But for the new entry in the Halo franchise recently announced, fans were only given a snippet of a teaser and the promise of a multi-player beta in the works. It seems the Halo audience are going to have to wait a little longer for more substantial information to be revealed.

Release date: December 27th 2014


Yet another trailer was revealed for the upcoming co-operative centred survival game, Evolve. The trailer reveals four separate classes for the human team and once again reiterates that: yes, you can play as the creepy Cthulhu monster!

Release date: October 21st 2014

Fable: Legends

Promising to be a shared experience of the perpetually charming Fable world, Fable: Legends finally showed off some game play with a brief demo. The demo focused on each of the four participating player’s different abilities and roles in the game, as well as revealing the ability for a player to become a villain designed to thwart the heroes’ noble deeds.

Release date: TBA

Dance Central: Spotlight

The sequel to, what is likely the Kinect’s biggest and best game, Dance Central was announced today. Dance Central: Spotlight will feature 10 free songs, with players needing to buy the rest as they are released. Microsoft promise fans that the turn-around will be quick, as developers, Harmonix, have streamlined their ability to create dance routines

Release date: Fall 2014

Project Spark

The previously announced game-designer title was given more detail at today’s conference in a lengthy trailer. Project Spark teases the ability for people to not only be a game-player, but a game-creator as well. The trailer focused on the players ability to share their creations with others, as well as enjoy other amateur developed titles. Perhaps the most exciting thing revealed however, was that Rare’s classic N64 character, Conker, would be involved somehow!

Release date:TBA

2015 Games


Another unusual new IP revealed by Microsoft, Inside, comes from the creators of Xbox Live original, Limbo. A trailer teased a minimalist art style and side-scrolling platforming, which appears to be along a similar vain as Limbo.

Release date: TBA

Indie extravaganza

Microsoft appears to be attempting to steal some Indie developer fans from Sony’s clutches. After Microsoft failed to show very much attention to smaller developers last E3, it’s nice to see them attempt to peak interest.

The Rise of Tomb Raider

With last year’s reboot of the classic franchise proving a hit, it’s no surprise that Square Enix have dipped their toes in the water a second time. The trailer reveals that, after her terrible ordeal on a stranded Island, Lara has suffered from psychological trauma as a result. Yet, there is hope as she is depicted, once again, doing what she does best: tomb raiding.

Release date: TBA

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Following the recent announcement of the release date for the third instalment in the Polish fantasy series, CD Project Red showed the E3 audience an in-depth demo of the game. In the demo, Geralt hunts a Griffon, demonstrating the stunningly crisp visuals and interesting tracking techniques. It was a lengthy demo that generated yet more interest in the franchise.

Release date: 24th February 2015

Phantom Dust

Another reboot announcement for Microsoft. From the same company that rebooted Rare’s classic fighting game, Killer Instinct, Double Helix appears to be reviving the cult classic original Xbox game; Phantom Dust. The original title was developed and published by Microsoft, and featured elements of Card-based strategy and action/adventure.

Release date: TBA

Tom Clancy’s: The Division

Yet another game based on the now-deceased military author’s works was announced at Microsoft’s conference today. This new title in the now firmly established franchise seems to be heavily dedicated to co-operative elements, as the lengthy demo showed off the game’s team-focused missions and game play.

Release date: TBA


The final new IP revealed by Microsoft today. Scalebound appears to be a game in which the player fights huge monsters one-on-one, much like Nintendo’s extremely successful franchise, Monster Hunter. The trailer shown depicted a battle in which two monsters quarreled while our brave hero picked fights with both of them.

Release date: TBA

Crackdown 3

Finally, Microsoft revealed one last title in its coverage. The sequel to the Marmite, love-it or hate-it game, Crackdown 2 was announced via trailer. The trailer reveals a cinematic Pacific City, in which players explore an open-world environment as members of the elite crime-fighting group, The Agency.

Release date: TBA

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