A Comic Profile: Steve Hughes


An Australian comic who has lived in Manchester for the last decade, Steve Hughes might be rather unknown down here in the south of England, despite his long spanning career. He’s appeared on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Road Show but isn’t quite a house-hold name just yet, and this is a situation that needs to be remedied.

Whilst he may look like the closest thing to a heavy metal Jesus you’ll ever come across, he’s a highly intelligent comic with a heavily politicised style.

One of the best comic minds around at the moment, Steve Hughes combines social satire and political comedy in a style akin to Stewart Lee or Bill Hicks but with a delightful Aussie twist. His comedic divulgences on homophobia, the smoking ban or European culture will have your average cynic or sourpuss creasing up; hurt-sides and all.

He can at times be overly damning and has a tendency to see everything around him as Orwellian but his delivery and observations not only make you laugh but also set you thinking – he’s a comic for the clever man and definitely worth checking out over on Youtube or his own web pages.


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