Comedic Profile – Michael McIntyre


He’s one of the fastest rising comedians in recent years, Michael McIntyre has well and truly assaulted the collective comedic consciousness. I first heard of him through a friend about a year before he was a household name, seeing his Live at the Apollo performance and could not stop laughing and quoting him for weeks.

His simple, observational comedy has worked incredibly well for reaching a massive audience; everyone can relate to the everyday material, and it definitely works well for him.

It’s understandable why people suggest he’s a one-trick pony, just using hyperbole and funny voices for all his material, but he’s certainly had a vast impact on British comedy in the last couple of years.

His upper-middle class squeaky voices arent for everyone, nor is his stage persona of the energetic, excitable man-child, but for millions, his style works.

It’s definitely worth checking out his Live at the Apollo performance for his best work, rather than looking through the barrage of his new Comedy Roadshow work.

He’s risen to fame in a few short years, but I’m sure he’ll be around for many more.


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