Microsoft’s dramatic U-turn for Xbox One


Earlier today, Microsoft interactive president Don Mattrick released a statement which reveals that the company’s gaming division has made a dramatic U-turn on several of their new console’s features.

It was announced at gaming conference E3 that the Xbox One would need to be connected to the internet every 24 hours, restricting gaming experience and provoking fears about the sharing of data about its users. It also announced it would heavily restrict the use of pre-owned games, a huge market which would see second-hand games stores such as CEX close.

Both policies have now been completely scrapped – in this statement, Mattrick admitted that they had ‘heard loud and clear’ the disatisfaction with these restrictive features. Gamers will now only have to connect to the internet once when they set up their console, and the pre-owned games market will remain unaffected, the console – expected in the last quarter – able to play them as the Xbox 360 does now. But have Microsoft done too much damage already?


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