Nuffield relaunch night hints at exciting things ahead


Last night The Edge was invited to the Nuffield Theatre to hear from the new creative and executive director, Sam Hodges, about his vision for the theatre. The audience stood on stage, and were encouraged to look at installations of costume and the back drop of the theatre – thrusting the attendees into the spotlight of the theatre.

Hodges introduced his ideas for the theatre, saying that: “I believe that theatre has to be responsive, dynamic, and constantly evolve if it is to flourish; moving forward, I want Nuffield to be a theatre company that is not restricted by one space or one form.” His passion for the Nuffield and making theatre in Southampton world class is exciting, and promises good things for original productions at the theatre.

One of the most exciting parts of the night was the presentation of 2014’s first play, A Number, by Caryl Churchill. Running from 6th to 22nd February, A Number explores the implications of cloning, genetic engineering, and what it means to be an individual. Another highlight of the upcoming season is the co-production of Tonight at 8.30 with the English Touring Theatre. In the first major revival since 1936, all nine of Noel Coward’s one act plays will be performed, in three trios. There will also be the opportunity to view all the the plays in one day, with the trios divided by meal breaks.

Hodges also talked about the plans for Fulcrum Southampton, which was described as “a three day festival exploring the point where science and art meet” and comes from the relationship between the theatre and the University of Southampton.

An exciting and interesting night that promises great things to come from the Nuffield Theatre. You can look at their programme of events on their brand new website.


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