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Set in the early 15th century, Henry V is renowned as one of Shakespeare’s most popular history plays and forms the fourth part of the tetralogy (after Richard II, I Henry IV, and II Henry IV) which explores the rise of the English royal House of Lancaster. SUSU’s Theatre Group will present a modern take on this historical play: one that is set against a modern backdrop of military, terrorist attacks and celebrity culture whilst retaining the classic tale and Shakespearean language.

Commencing with Henry V assuming the throne after the death of his father, we are presented with an England that has been torn apart by civil war and cannot trust the wild, unruly King- a reputation acquired in his youth by consorting with lowlifes and criminals. However, once a battle to conquer France begins, the characters and an audience alike can begin to see nobility and power develop in his character as he leads England to victory. We can expect the Theatre Group to deliver the moving, inspirational speeches of the King (played by Chris Barlow) written in the classic script as we watch Henry V become the great, heroic leader that history remembers.

Joe Hart, one of the directors, commented, “think, if Prince Harry were to take the throne” and added that the show “is modern, bombastic and huge in scale. Whether you come for the language or the fight scenes you’ll have a great time.” He continued to say that “this is by far the biggest show Theatre Group has done all year” suggesting an exciting show that should not be missed. We can expect an enthralling performance that balances the popular, classical elements behind Shakespearean plays with the contemporary setting that is sure to entertain a modern day audience.

The performance will take place at the Annex at 7:30pm from the 19th-22nd February. Tickets can be bought from the Box Office and cost £6 for students, £9 for adults or £5 for Performing Arts members.


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