Silk – Send me a postcard from Guantanamo?


Silk this week sees the ongoing rivalry of both Clive and Martha, the USA and UK. The case explores an extradition, which is submerged in secrecy and conspiracy.  This is much like the situation in ‘Chambers’. The episode explores the continued fight against terrorism by the US with a lack of support from the UK, with insights into MI5. The episode holds notes of the BBC Series Spooks again.

The northern bulldog continues to consistently search for the truth which is steeped in tricky laws which hide it. Much like the audience Martha continues to be confused at the lack of facts. Without the whole picture, the jigsaw is especially hard to complete this week.  The defendant seems innocent but Clive suggests that Martha is merely a puppet controlled by her defendants. This continues with her naive approach, of assuming her defendants are always telling the truth. A trap she often falls into, doubt still remains as to whether the defendant was guilty.  The third silk, an ‘alcoholic spinster’ gets a greater role and shows her true addiction, power. Billy gets in trouble officially and it seems his fight is getting even tougher.  The verdict this week seemed to be a bit of a cop out, but the freshness of an American in a traditional court was refreshing.

Next week sees the head of chambers being elected with a close photo finish in the penultimate episode. Billy seeks Martha’s help and an old flame of hers rocks the boat.


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