Review: Silk “Love will tear us apart…”


Silk was slow to start, but had a gripping finish. This week saw several head to heads. Martha and C.W., Billy and the new clerk set to replace him, and Clive and Martha’s old teenage love. The list is endless, there was so much friction this week that the battles took over with no clear winner of the war so far.

There is no “I” in team, or in the chambers either.

Martha’s  judgement of innocence has been challenged from week to week, which has become more and more potent each episode.  Her normally natural ability seems to be clouded by her naivety based on a past romance which reveals lies and deceit, ‘I know the answer when I look into a clients eyes’.

Clive’s instincts are also blinded by his jealousy of the client’s connection to Martha, which ends in a violent brawl within closed doors. An unexpected response is shown by Clive who has always remained level headed and maintained a devious approach to problems which resurfaces in this episode, which broaches the question: is he back to his old ways?

The new feminist clerk displays a predictable approach when it comes to Clive, which makes her character present a double edged personality, a tricky one to work out.  Clive and Martha still don’t face their feelings and skirt around the obvious, toying with each other as well as the audience. The series feels like it is sinking and twisting into becoming a soap. More is exposed about social interaction within the group than evidential intrigue, which begs another question: is this just the nature of the criminal bar, and can emotion ever be separate?

For me, Silk is rapidly losing its original appeal, there is less intrigue and more emotion.  It’s unclear as to which will run dry first, the fountain of human emotion or the thirst for ever more complex cases.

Next week sees Billy being thrown into the fire in a sexual harassment charge and real loyalties are publicised as Clive is back to his old ways. Martha’s personal life gives insights into the case and “Love will tear us apart” is the soundtrack…


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