Jonah From Tonga to air in UK in May


Australian comedian Chris Lilley has confirmed that his new series Jonah From Tonga will begin in the UK on 8th May at 10pm.

The entire series will also be available online through the BBC iPlayer from 2nd to 4th May.

The trailer for this new series shows Jonah in his new school with a “fobalicious” crew, and a teacher who is struggling to deal with Jonah’s behaviour, saying “Will he survive to the end of year 12? I doubt it.”

The character of Jonah previously starred in the cult mockumentary comedy, Summer Heights High, which saw the wannabe break-dancer get expelled from the school due to bad behaviour. At the end of the series, his father threatened to “send him back to Tonga”.

Earlier this year, Ja’mie: Private School Girl aired earlier in the UK, which focused on fellow Summer Heights High character Ja’mie King, showing the teenager’s relationship troubles and her quest to win the Hilford Medal.

It is unclear whether Australian comedian Chris Lilley has plans to bring back the final Summer Heights High character, Mr G, but talking to Digital Spy earlier this year, Lilley said: “The problem is that I love all the characters and I want them all to come back. It’s just about finding the time to do these things.

“But Jonah is probably my favourite character to play and people seemed to really connect with him. I love his whole world.

“It’s a harder story to construct with Jonah, but I love doing it.”

Jonah From Tonga will premiere on BBC Three at 10pm on 8th May. The whole series will be online from the 2nd-4th May.


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