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The familiar opening strain of M83’s ‘Midnight City’ kicks in. It’s the finale of one of the most popular reality series in British television; series 7 of Made in Chelsea. This series has brought forth many emotions; Binky Felstead, one of the most beloved stars, has had her seemingly perfect relationship ruined with the discovery of her boyfriend’s infidelity. Shame on you Alex Mytton! We were rooting for you! Cue a series-long battle for Binky on whether to be with Alex or not. We’ve been gripped as she slowly pushes away every friend around her and becomes more and more defensive.

Of course this has meant that Binky and the ever-feisty Lucy Watson have fallen out. And in the finale, we very sadly witness Lucy offering friendship in her old adversary Spencer Matthews as she has slowly lost those around her. Binky dismisses her, Jamie wants to cut her out as he still has feelings for her and her American bestie who we stole from The Hills, Stephanie Pratt, is now going back home much to the dismay of our favourite good guy, Stevie Johnson.  Of course our favourite Stevie drops some powerful life lessons along the way: “Stay and be happy, don’t leave and cry”.

made-in-chelsea-2014-spoilers-1Unfortunately apart from the opening of a crowd of the males in amusing costumes above a rugby pitch (which is never fully explained, might I add) the finale poses a lot of heartache and not a lot of joy. Stevie and Stephanie share a tearful goodbye, though undoubtedly witnessing Binky even take her defensive attitude against her mother when Mama Felstead counsels her is perhaps the saddest scene. How can you argue with the matriarch of Chelsea?

However the Chelsea stars soon switch to a warmer scope than the depressing nightlife of Chelsea presented with a country house party thrown by nostril-flaring Andy Jordan. There are bare chests all-round. It turns out though that the boys like a good old gossip more than the girls and soon start debating whether Alex and Binky should actually be with each other. We’re still not quite sure whether they want their drinking buddy back or are concerned with the couple’s happiness. But a nice distracting tennis match from the Thomson siblings (Louise and Sam), Cheska and one Georgia Toffolo (yes, her name really has ‘toff’ in it) proves a small light-hearted reprieve before we switch back to the romantic troubles on one Jamie Lang and the anger from his exes, Lucy and Riley Uggla, who have now reconciled.

While the episode is classic of the Made in Chelsea franchise1401892478_lucy-watson-jamie-laing-spencer-matthews-made-in-chelsea-new-york-sneak-peek, I certainly felt the strain from Binky and Alex’s relationship and even yelled for them to “just give in already”. Perhaps it’s possible that Made in Chelsea has lost its edge and is now simply repeating old methods. While entertaining, the finale did inevitably drag. Although Jamie and Lucy sleep together again, so it’s nice that some things don’t change… though apparently it remained innocent. You can choose whether you believe that one or not!  Spoiler alert though: they’re all off to New York (as all the stars keep mentioning). Inevitably though the series ends in tears with Alex addressing the entire group to leave him and Binky alone and Binky argues and leaves in tears. Unfortunately, the finale proved disappointing. I think we were all secretly hoping for a break up, but the promise of perhaps a reinvented Made in Chelsea in New York is at least somewhat exciting.

Though the New York spin-off will air across four episodes in August, you can catch up on current Made in Chelsea episodes over on 4OD. 


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