Rise of the Tomb Raider announced as Xbox exclusive


As part of the Xbox press conference at Gamescom today, one of the shock announcements coming out of the presentation was that the previously multiple platform gaming series Tomb Raider would see its upcoming title Rise of the Tomb Raider released only on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Although the first title of the rebooted series Tomb Raider, released in 2013, was available on all the main gaming platforms, owners of a PS3, PS4, Mac or PC will be unable to play the sequel.

This comes as somewhat strange news considering that the series has an extremely wide appeal to gamers, especially as the brand is also typically associated with Playstation from its early days on PS1. Also making it a strange decision is that the definitive edition released on PS4 and Xbox One sold more than twice as many copies in its opening week on PS4 than on its cross gen rival.

Unclear at the moment is whether or not the game will eventually be ported onto other consoles, with Microsoft merely stating it was coming by Christmas 2015 as an Xbox exclusive. If this is a timed exclusive this would likely relieve some of the pain felt by Playstation and PC owners.

Xbox owners however now have a meaty exclusive to look forward to playing next year. Check out the original E3 trailer below.


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