Preview: The Walking Dead Season Five


The Walking Dead season four was a bit of a disappointment. However, the new season five trailer suggests that the upcoming series will be the best yet. The final scene of season four bought almost all of the major characters back together, which will hopefully allow for a more continuous storyline, unlike last series, where the audience had to wait an episode or two before rejoining a plot line. The Walking Dead has always been at its brutal best when the story has focused on one large group and this trend will hopefully continue now.

The latest plot twist now has those who remain alive heading towards Washington on a mission to try and find a cure for the zombie infestation. There is also the added back story of Carol and Tyrese – now reunited in the container. Without giving too much away to incoming fans of the show, how this story will unfold will be of great interest to those who can cast their minds back to season three. There also looks to be a lot more action in the new series. I was first attracted to the show by the brutal violence that the show consistently had, and certainly the new trailer indicates that there will be a large amount of blood and guts to satisfy fans like myself. This does not necessarily mean that there will not be an examination into the psychological state of those not yet affected – it seems as if Beth is the only main character who is separated from the group and her storyline certainly seems to billed up as a way for the show to explore this aspect of a zombie apocalypse.

Overall, the new trailer suggests that all the classic traits of the show – gore, blood and terror – will be bought back once again. The simplistic, but effective storyline of one group on a mission to save the world will bring back the long-term suspense that gripped the show in its first three seasons. This is what has always been fantastic about The Walking Dead: it will either end heroically or in tragedy, and that is what makes it such an engrossing show.

The Walking Dead returns to Fox on 13th October at 10.00pm.


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