Gaming round-up: 28/09/14 – 05/10/14


Here at The Edge we love all things gaming and eagerly anticipate new releases throughout the year. Hopefully the first of many, this round up will give you bitesize snippets of the previous week’s news, as well as the gaming releases of the last week and of the upcoming week. So delve into our treasure trove of gaming and get excited for what is to come!

Weekly news:

The Sims 4 get’s free content

It seems that EA are actually listening to gamers….well, mostly. After The Sims 4 was released early last month missing series staples such as swimming pools and toddlers, fans weren’t too pleased. Most assumed that they would later be packaged into one of the many money-grabbing DLC packs that EA favor so much. But as it turns out, a free update will be released in November/ December that will add pools back into the game. Unfortunately it seems toddlers are still no where to be seen, but a recent update will get you free Star-Wars themed outfits and spooky ghosts to haunt your house, it makes the disappointment a little easier to swallow.

D4: Dreams Never Die is staying on Xbox One

Earlier this week, Hidetaka Suehiro, otherwise know as Swery; the developer of Deadly Premonition, responded to a fan’s tweet as to whether his latest title D4: Dreams Never Die would ever be released on PS4. His response was succinct: Buy an Xbox One or borrow one. However, there have been rumors of a possible PC release later in the year.

Sony PSN network fails yet again

Sony’s online network (PSN) went down unexpectedly on Thursday (02/10/2014), affecting over five different countries. Despite the network issue being solved fairly swiftly, the incident was one in a line of many issues that PSN has had over recent years. Perhaps the worst case being the PSN hack of 2011, in which around 77 million account details were stolen, proving to be one of the greatest hacks in history.

Minecraft coming to Xbox One 

It’s unsurprising to hear that Microsoft have already made plans for Minecraft, after recently purchasing the game’s development company; Mojang. A disc version of the hugely popular crafting title will be released on November 18th (US) for Xbox One for the same price as its digital counterpart. The disc-version features improved graphics, bigger worlds and larger draw distance.

Last week’s releases (29/09/2014):

Forza Horizon 2: 03/10/14

A sequel to 2012’s Forza Horizon, this open world racing game has released on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Early reviews indicate that this is going to be a solid addition to the racing simulator which is sure to please racing fanatics.

SupN3DS_SuperSmashBros_screen07er Smash Bros: 03/10/14

The new Super Smash Bros game is the first to be released on a handheld console, with its first outing on the Nintendo 3DS. The extremely popular brawler is also coming to the Wii U later on in the year, but for now the only way for fans to get their fix is to play it on Nintendo’s popular handheld.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor: 03/10/14

Among the heavy games release schedule at the moment, this game has slipped under the radar slightly. Set in the same universe as Lord of the Rings, the game is set between the events of the epic series and The Hobbit. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is likely to appeal to fans of adventure games and is available on all major gaming consoles.

Games released this week:

Alien Isolation: 07/10/14

Gamers who are also fans of the Alien film series will likely be aware of the debacle surrounding 2013’s Alien: Colonial Marines. However, Alien Isolation is from a different developer and certainly looks very promising. Much of the hype in the lead up to the game has focused on how faithful it is to the atmosphere of the films and it certainly looks terrifying. One of the month’s must have games.

Drive Club: 10/10/14

Initially supposed to release alongside the PS4 back in November last year, this has been touted as the first socially connected racing simulator. Its next-gen graphics look mightily impressive and is a Playstation exclusive. It remains to be seen how unique the game’s systems are, but for PS4 owners with a Playstation Plus membership, there will be a cut-down version of the game available to download for free. Why not try it out?



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