TV round-up: 10/10/14 – 16/10/14


This week’s TV round-up sees the return of many loved shows including ITV’s LewisHomeland and The Apprentice. As well as this, the new Gotham premieres early next week, a TV spin-off show based on the Batman comic characters.

Lewis: Back for its eighth season our favourite Detective Morse spin-off is back. Previously, we’d seen Lewis trying to build a life away from the force, but with a renewed series we feel this may fall through for our less-than-charismatic hero. Drawn back into the force after growing bored of the peace and quiet, Lewis and sidekick Hathaway begin looking into the murder of a neurosurgeon with the prime suspect being his young widow Erica (Kara Tointon). Tune in this Friday at 9pm on ITV.

Homeland: The popular US drama returns this weekend for its fourth season. Carrie Mathison has been promoted to the position of CIA Chief of Station in Kabul and is forced to make a hard decision when she receives some valuable intelligence about a high value target from her counterpart in Islamabad; should she act now or hold back until further events reveal themselves? Elsewhere, Saul despises life in the private sector. Catch the multi-award-winning show this Sunday at 9pm, with the unusual home of Channel 4.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 18.21.18The Walking Dead: Returning for its fifth season early next week in the UK, The Walking Dead‘s first episode of sixteen sees Rick and the rest of the group trapped in a train car with their fate in the hands of the Terminus inhabitants. The post-apocalyptic drama has been nominated for a Golden Globe as well as some Primetime Emmys over the past years, picking up two wins for the latter, both for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series. Watch the Andrew Lincoln-starring show next Monday on FOX UK at 9pm.

Made in Chelsea: Airing quickly after the finale of Made in Chelsea: NYC, we wait to see what relationships will stick and who’s going to fall out this time. Will Proudlock and Lucy become an official item? Will Louise and Alik make it long distance with the potential for old flame, Andy, to disrupt things? Though, of course, we should never underestimate resident lothario Spencer Matthews… Tune in this Monday on E4 at 9pm.

Gotham: If you fell in love with Christopher Nolan’s film trilogy and are sorely licking your wounds then this spin-off based on the Batman comic characters centres around police office, James Gordon (Ben McKenzie). Eager to prove his metal, he is soon partnered with veteran Harvey Bullock on one of the biggest cases of the century: the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The first episode will lead us face-to-face with our brave sole-survivor and future star, Bruce Wayne. Encountering younger versions of future villains on the way, this new series looks to be the perfect balance of grit for the DC Universe. Watch this Monday on Channel 5 at 9pm.

apprentice-judgesThe Apprentice: Back for its tenth series Alan Sugar looks prepared to take on everything and anybody. With previous apprentices taking on ridiculous challenges and failing appallingly on basic sales, can our new candidates impress Lord Sugar?  The first task for our hopeful candidates is to sell previous merchandise created by past hopefuls in other series in one day with the archaic separation of “boys vs girls”. Get prepared to see them picked apart in the boardroom and see who gets fired. Tune in this Tuesday on BBC One at 9pm and follow with The Apprentice: You’re Fired straight after at 10pm on BBC Two.

Sleepy Hollow: The supernatural show returns to our TV screens in the middle of next week for its second season. The series begins with Ichabod Crane finding himself buried in a coffin, with his wife’s future in the hands of the Headless Horseman. As well as starring Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, the show was recently nominated for a Primetime Emmy earlier this year for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. Catch the fantasy-drama next Wednesday on Universal Channel at 9pm.


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