TV round up: 31/10/14 – 06/11/14


This week sees the return of many loved TV shows, including Modern FamilyCitizen Khan and Trollied. As well as this, the final ever season of Two and a Half Men begins this coming week, along with new shows such as Mickey Flannigan’s latest comedic endeavour and a new BBC five-part drama.

Citizen Khan: Back for its third season, this sitcom is about a British Pakistani family in Sparkhill, Birmingham, whose father sees himself as a pillar of the community (even if nobody else does). Mr Khan is lumbered with looking after his mother-in-law, until a miracle happens; she announces she wants to move into a home. The head of a local care centre arrives, plans are made and Khan is over the moon, until he realises his elderly relative is worth quite a bit of money. Can he stop her leaving after all? Catch it tonight at 8:30pm on BBC One.

The Passing Bells: This new five-part drama shown over five nights follows two ordinary young men and their experience of the First World War. Upon the outbreak of hostilities, farmer’s son Michael (Jack Lowden) and delivery boy Thomas (Patrick Gibson) both defy their parents and slip out to the recruitment office. After donning their uniforms – one British, one German – each set of parents struggle to cope with their sons’ deceptions. Following them as the new recruits set off for training, shy Tommy struggles to find his feet, and Michael immediately begins to miss girlfriend, Katie. Watch it this coming Monday at 7pm on BBC One.

Modern Family: The Emmy-winning comedy returns for its sixth season. Cameron and Mitchell are back from their honeymoon and determined to keep the romance alive though Cameron, as always, takes it just a little step too far. Meanwhile Gloria shows a different side after arguing with Jay about the lack of effort he puts into his appearance. For some light-hearted comedy, tune in this coming Monday at 8pm on Sky1.

Trollied: The British comedy returns on Monday for its fourth season where Valco reopens once more for business, featuring some new faces on the shop floor, including Miriam Margolyes, Stephen Tompkinson Aisling Bear, Samuel Anderson and Jack Carroll. The first episode sees Margaret swap the delicatessen for the pharamcy and Colin is astounded to see his gran appearing up the aisle. Watch it on Monday at 8.30pm on Sky1.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 13.33.55Micky Flanagan’s Detour De France: Our favourite London comedian hops across the Channel and jumps on a bicycle to sample the sights and sounds of France, joined by his best friend Noel Lynch. The pair start off in Calais with some essential pampering, fully aware that no cyclist worth his or her salt would hit the road without a leg wax. Then it’s bon voyage as they tackle a small portion of the 150-mile race between Paris and Roubaix lovingly known as the Hell of the North. Tune in this coming Monday at 9pm on Sky1 for what is sure to be a hilarious viewing.

Masterchef: The Professionals: If you’ve been missing The Great British Bake-off, tune in to see Gregg Wallace and Monica Galetti return with the culinary challenge, this time joined by new judge Marcus Wareing. In this first heat, five chefs from around the nation have an hour to cook a dish that showcases just what they can do, before one must leave. The remaining four chefs then face Monica’s skills test, before Marcus asks them to prepare an inspired plate of food featuring quail, with the judges deciding which three make it through to the next round. Watch it this coming Tuesday at 8pm on BBC Two.

vampire-diaries-season-6-poster-featuredVampire Diaries: Returning next week for its brand new series, The Vampire Diaries brings the likes of Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder back onto our TV screens. The supernatural drama’s sixth season begins with Elena struggling to cope with the loss of Damon as she returns to Whitmore College for her second year. In desperation, she takes a drug so that she can see the dead vampire again, but the drug creates dark side effects that result in violent tendencies. Watch it this coming Tuesday at 9pm on ITV2.

Blue Bloods: This police drama is back for its fifth season, with Danny tracking down a cartel after he and Baez are attacked as they transport confiscated drugs to be incinerated at a remote location. Also, when a lieutenant’s actions causes controversy for the NYPD, Frank must deal with both personal and political issues that happen as a result. Starring Tom Selleck, see it this coming Wednesday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

Two and a Half Men: This iconic US comedy returns for its twelfth season next week. The award-winning show begins its final season with Walden deciding to reorganise and prioritise his life as a result of a health scare on Halloween. The show stars both Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher. Be sure not to miss this end of an era by tuning in this coming Wednesday at 9pm on Comedy Central.


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