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3.5 stars


Quite recently I’ve found interest in WWE pay-per-views dwindling, not due to the copious WWE Network plugging but instead because of the lack of creativity or emotion that’s generated by the many rivalries that manage to make it onto the night’s card. Then Dean Ambrose happened. For the past month, the WWE Universe have been captivated by the growing animosity between the two former Shield members, Ambrose and Rollins, as they were set to compete inside ‘The Devil’s playground’, Hell in a Cell. If there was any match to re-install the unpredictability and violence that comes with one of these matches, it would be these two. Alongside the main event, we were given a re-hash of one of the most decorated rivalries of the modern era, John Cena versus Randy Orton, with the winner earning an opportunity to face the absent World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar. The card was stacked with two hyped main events, and supported by numerous title matches and a couple built feuds which all seemed PPV worthy.

Kicking things off with an impressive 2 out of 3 falls match for the Intercontinental Championship, two young guns that the internet love to idolise, Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler put on a Wrestling Clinic to open the night, hitting some crowd-pleasing high spots and giving Ziggler the win in a clean sweep against the Swiss Superman. Admittedly I was a little disappointed with the result, as a massive Cesaro fan it’s a shame to see that WWE can’t seem to be confident in his abilities as a champion and not only that but there was a distinct lack of swinging! I’m all for Ziggler being utilised (and not for jobbing purposes) but I think it’s time he moves on from the IC title.

Face off

Next up came the international flare of the evening, pitting two giants against one another with the hope and glory of their respective nations on their shoulders. The Big Show (representing America) and Rusev (representing Russia) collided in a fierce, heavy-hitting match and as expected, yet another die-hard American fell to the brutish Russian. Rusev deserves to be seen as an imposing villain and ideally a future champion, but we’re desperate for some fresh material!

The first of two main events set inside the cell, Cena and Orton. Going into this pay-per-view, I was nervous that would be pushed as THE main event, taking away the spotlight from Ambrose/Rollins, which I’m sure the audience would not appreciate. Who would have expected Cena and Orton to bring some fresh spots and re-ignite their ageing rivalry after their appalling two matches at the start of this year. The closing moments of the match made up for the slightly dull start. For once, I think I’m pleased with the result of the match, as much as I detest repeating another months worth of Cena banging on about how he’s going to beat The Beast and occasionally slapping Paul Heyman, I did not want to see Randy Orton attempt to stand against the former UFC champion. So roll on Cena/Lesnar IV and kudos to the two pinnacles of this generation’s WWE roster.

After battling through what could be considered a very average show, we came to Ambrose vs. Rollins in the Cell. As we all expected, things took an immediate extreme turn with Dean scaling the Cell and beckoning Seth Rollins to join him, very similar to the renowned Mankind/Undertaker Cell Match. We were treated to some incredible spots and intense action. It was safe to say that Ambrose would have achieved his redemption by curb stomping Rollins through some cinder blocks, if it weren’t for the returning Bray Wyatt!  Controversy ensued after the lights were cut and an eerie Latin serenade to cue his attack on Ambrose which allowed Seth to get the three count.

BrayPersonally, I adored this conclusion and propelled Hell in a Cell into potentially receiving pay-per-view of the year. In terms of storytelling, Ambrose deserved the win, or at least needed to seem as if he was better than Seth Rollins. This rivalry is far from over, and I believe there is certainly potential for Ambrose and Rollins to pick up where they left off later on in their careers, much like how Orton and Cena restarted their rivalry after his injury in 2007. Now WWE needs to focus on keeping Ambrose as unpredictable and loveable as he has been and elevate Bray Wyatt to the next level. Mark my words when I say that the coming rivalry is going to be spectacular, the mic-work and in-ring performances are going to be brilliant.

I’d rate Hell in a Cell as one the top event since Extreme Rules, purely because of the main events and it’s conclusion. The fallout from this will be harsh, naturally fans of Ambrose are going to be raving mad and I fully expect copious comments about how WWE creative has dropped the ball and how Bray Wyatt needs to retire and let others have the spotlight, but I’m sure that the exact same fans will soon be talking about how Wyatt/Ambrose is the best thing about WWE when Cena/Lesnar and Rollins/Orton begins to be shoved down our throats. Mark my words.


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