Why I am addicted to: The Legend of Zelda Series


The first stage of getting over a problem is to admit that you have one. I was into too many hours of gaming when my sister walked in on me playing the Legend Of Zelda: Windwaker HD. She sighed as she walked past me. “You get addicted to these video games.” I just shrugged my shoulders and continued battering a Moblin monster. I have been playing The Legend of Zelda series for quite a few years now. I’ve not conquered the original games yet, but I assure you it’s a work in progress. Yet, it’s the Zelda games just after the Game Cube that I adore.

Why am I besotted with the Zelda games? Could it be the incredible soundtracks? The beautiful art? The quirky characters? A combination of these elements completes the Zelda franchise. Although the characters are weird and wonderful, I find the side quests of the series really engaging. The dungeons can be long and puzzling, and it’s satisfying to know that there is an available reprieve from perilous danger. Whether it’s helping a woman find her Cucoos, (chickens) in the Ocarina of Time, or convincing the locals in Skyward Sword that the child stealing demon isn’t evil at all, I can whittle away hours in front of the screen. Don’t be fooled though. Some of these little tasks will take a lot of wit to resolve, in addition to speedy button work.

My favourite thing about the Zelda franchise is probably the characters. It is clear that Nintendo have worked hard to create these strange beings, whether it be through their design or their virtual personality. Some of the voices of the characters will make you chuckle, whilst the faces of others will leave you on edge. Take the Happy Mask Salesman in Majora’s Mask. After playing that game I think it will take me a good few weeks to eradicate that creepy smile from my mind. I love the charismatic dialogue from certain characters and the little riddles they provide you with. Without these creatures, whether they are ferocious girl pirates or meddling merchants they certainly lighten the game play. Anyway, who can shun a 35 year old man who longs to be a fairy?

The brilliance of Zelda games is obviously the game play. Although you are likely to encounter numerous dungeons, the missions inside are pleasantly varied. Certain puzzles will leave you thinking for a good few hours. Sometimes I have to leave the game weeks before I can find a solution. With a new perspective, the answer is often tragically obvious. In contrast to pondering, some of the dungeons will leave you yelling for an escape. Who knew that being chased by immortal Phantoms in Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo DS) would be so nerve wracking!

All in all, the true magic of the games is their ability to immerse the gamer into the fictional worlds. The music across the series is immense, resulting in orchestral performances in arenas across the world. The art is mesmerizing. You forget that you are not soaring across the skies, or sailing across great oceans. Wandering through these colourful lands, you feel fully immersed!

All in all, you probably think I am addicted to The Legend Of Zelda games. You’re right. But in my opinion, there are worse things to be addicted to…


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  1. I agree with you, Legend of Zelda series it absolutely fantastic. Very well written I’m playing Majoras Mask (thinking of getting it on 3DS). All the games are awesome

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