Review: Indian Summers (Season 1, Episode 3)


A vivid depiction of the reality of colonial imperialism.

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Indian Summers episode this week is raw, and like a fresh lemon on an open wound, it will make you gasp.

This week’s Indian Summers delivered some shockers. We see the normal deceit and conspiracies of the upper classes and the brutality of their attempts at social control. It’s vivid and raw. We see more focus on the perspective of the natives and I have to say I’m swaying towards their side. While not all are impoverished, those who are reputable are still treated with the same brush. This episode sees the prestigious socialite event, the Sipi Fair, which brings the natives and British together in what seems like a British ‘pimms-like’ party for fun and cohabitation. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. There are scenes of wrestling, reminiscent of the horrible ritual fights seen in America during the era of slave trade. The grotesque Scotsman, Mr  Roughian Artimage attacks an Indian man and then collapses in a heart attack, which seems to be karma, and yet somehow the native gets the blame. Did he ask for the savage to attack him like an animal? No. Behind this facade of an event the dirty laundry can be seen.

Mr Dalal is offered everything but a Rolls Royce, and finally it seems like his stars are aligning, but he soon finds out all is not as it seems, that he is in a right mess. Both he and Miss Whelan share nervous smiles as Ralph, her ‘devoted’ brother, asks them to conspire with him to bring about events resulting in the shooting which set off the first episode of this drama with a bang.

One word to describe this episode is raw. There is unprovoked violence towards British Raj activists, where Suni is a victim. There are stripped back emotions and the drama finally comes alive, with a fast paced action filled episode to accompany the ever present intrigue. This week Indian Summers still delivers a vivid story with the addition of continuous action to the existing intrigue. This is a recipe for success, and this episode is one of  the tastiest spoonfuls. Finally they’ve added that much needed spice.

Indian Summers airs on Channel four on Sundays at 9pm. 


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