Mid-Season Review: Indian Summers

Hot Hot Hot

There's finally some tangible action.

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Indian Summers is getting hot hot hot. This period drama is finally getting spicy.

Episode 4 of Indian Summers last week saw sweat inducing action where Mr Dala, whom we’ve all come to warm to had his life on the line, where he sought aid from Alice Whelan. His two interests meet and were involved and yet we see betrayal by his original love. SHOCK!

This is all leading up to Episode 5 where Ralph proposes to his seemingly wealthy American, Madeleine, who is naïve to his intentions. Alice Whelan is blackmailed about her past and forced to bend to the will of a missionary’s wife. The sibling relationship displays a weird vibe, where all is not as it seems. Adam is reunited with his mother and the implications of the origins of his father are unveiled.

The real message of Episode 5, which marks the halfway point of this drama is the class system, an infamous aspect of colonialist Indian. The episode becomes rather political but throughout portrays the British who are slowly losing their grasp, panicking about their power slipping away. What this episode really does is show that the forbidden fruit is all too tempting. Although they are seen as a lower class the episode underlines their intrinsic value, they are exotic, humble and hardworking, a clear enticement for the Brits, whom so adamantly insisted they were above such riff-raff.
The social paradigm at the close of this episode slips away in a hot Indian rain shower where the scenes are particularly steamy, and the rigid segregation between the classes melts away.

Next week’s spoilers see’s this status quo fall and the resulting combination becomes ever more chaotic and confused. Key ingredients of lies, deceit and conspiracy continue in this drama, with eroticism, suffering and injustice creating powerful aromas in this recipe, sure to make you gasp.

This drama has both dramatic value with a cinematographic excellence, if you think about what the episode is actually showing you, it’s expert.

Indian Summers airs on Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4. 


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