Flashback: House M.D.


Having gained fame and critical acclaim from one of the most popular TV shows of the 2000s, Hugh Laurie has decided to appear in one last movie, an upcoming Disney production Tomorrowland, but mainly decided to fully focus on his music. Let us look back at the character Laurie, whom most of the British audience remember from a sketch comedy show he co-wrote with Stephen Fry – A bit of Fry and Laurie, portrayed in a medical drama House M.D.

The show follows Gregory House, an ingenious diagnostician who solves medical cases like Sherlock Holmes used to solve baffling crime mysteries. The plot revolves around saving lives but it also focuses on his relationships with people. The success of the show lies mostly in the eccentricity and wit in which House is able to use the power of logic and rationality to diagnose and subsequently save lives. Unfortunately, he is not able to save himself as he succumbs to his Vicodin addiction which he develops after a major muscle damage in his thigh.

The hardships of being a genius doctor and a difficult human being endows the show with particular charm as the main character is completely un-relatable.  Gregory House is educated in almost every field of science, speaks a couple of languages, including Spanish and Chinese and is basically good in anything he takes up, cooking, playing multiple instruments and whatnot.

He sucks, however, at dealing with his emotions. He does not believe in happiness. He comes to terms with the fact that we are born alone and we die alone so there is no point in maintaining deep bonds with people. Throughout eight seasons, he mocks the irrationality, naivety and all the clichés about positivity whilst struggling how to cope with pain – both psychical and emotional.

Looking back, as the show finished in 2012, I have come to the conclusion that what is most captivating about House MD is the balance they keep between dramatic, often tragic medical content, and comedy; doctors who accompany House struggle with their own problems which makes the show interesting on many different levels. Television needs more shows like this.

House M.D. aired on Fox. 


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