Preview: Double Bill: The Winterling & This Wide Night, SUSU Theatre Group


SUSU Theatre Group will be ending their year of killer shows with their summer show this week:  a double bill presenting The Winterling (Jez Butterworth) and This Wide Night (Chloe Moss) which divides the boys and girls of the society, yet brings them together through the lurid tones of black English comedy. I was lucky enough to attend a preview of the two shows and was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. It was so refreshing seeing a few new faces taking on such compelling plays and I am certainly keen to see them perform next week.

I am excited to see This Wide Night blossom into the final product. Marie (Cat Lewis) and Lorraine (Amy Fitzgibbon) bounced off each other in the rehearsal and I am convinced that they will perfect the balance between the grit and the comedy needed for the piece. The Winterling’s energy matched with performances to look out for (even if I was slightly distracted by the boys in boxers.)

I chatted to Mike Cottrell, director of The Winterling, and was intrigued as to why a double bill was chosen for the summer show. It was decided that single act shows have worked successfully in the past so the production team felt it would be nice to fuse two shows together and create one exciting piece of theatre. If you were lucky enough to see Broken Arrow’s successful double bill last Autumn, then you would be inclined to agree.

Clearly, the double bill next week is not one to be missed, especially if you want to see faces new and old take on some captivating texts.

Performances are taking place at the Annex Theatre 29th April – 2nd May at 7:30. Tickets can be bought here.


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