Preview: The Hudsucker Proxy


The Coen brothers have undoubtedly supplied timeless classics to the world of film including Fargo (1998), The Big Lebowski (1998) and No Country For Old Men (2007). To the surprise of many fans, one of the Coen brothers classics, The Hudsucker Proxy, will be shown at Southampton’s own Nuffield Theatre as an original production for the first time in theatre history.

After the suicide of business founder and president of Hudsucker Industries, Waring Hudsucker, the company’s ruthless board hatch a plan to make millions. By placing a recently graduated, slightly deluded and very questionable business student as their new president they hope to depress the stock shares before buying them for themselves. Why wouldn’t Norville Barnes, whose idea of genius is reinventing the hula hoop, be perfect for the role?

Premiering at the Nuffield Theatre on the 9th May, the show will be running until the 30th May with an experienced cast. The show is promised to be heavily based on the original Warner Bros romantic comedy and, being the first film-to-theatre transition for the Coen brothers, looks like something not be missed. If you are a fan of comedy, theatre or simply the Coen brothers as writers and directors, The Hudsucker Proxy is the show for you this season.

The Hudsucker Proxy is at the Nuffield Theatre from the 9th May to the 30th and tickets can be purchased here. 


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