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Do modern politics get you down? Do The media’s constant attacks on Jeremy Corbyn leave you bitter and unsure where to stand? Perhaps you gave up completely long before #PigGate, back when #Hameron actually won the 2015 election. If your answer to those questions (and many more besides) is ‘yes’, then this is the play for you!

Party is a play coming to the Bridge and to the Annex Theatre in October, for a very short three night run and looking to take advantage of current political agitation. Performed by SUSU Theatre Group and set in the heart of Suburbia, inside of a shed, it follows a group of five students who have decided to form a new political party. As the young idealists set about tackling big issues (and small ones, such as the name of their political group), one of their number sets himself the task of dismantling them from within, in order to stop their idealism from destroying the world they hope to save.

Written by Tom Basden, the play was originally performed in 2010, and received positive reviews, one from no less than The Guardian, which praised the ‘light and subtle’ satire. Basden is also one of the writers credited on Fresh Meat, the very successful sitcom about a house of university students.

Recently the political climate has in fact been getting people a bit antsy. One might say that we were sat on the precipice of total madness. What we could really do with is a group of university students playing at being idealistic university students, all the while poking fun at the fairly laughable state of our own political system. We’ll be down there very expectantly, and if any of what we’ve described is appealing, you should be too.

Party will be showing at the Annex Theatre from 7th-9th October.  Tickets are available from £4.00- £5.00. More details can be found here.


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