Preview: Medea at The Annex Theatre


Southampton University’s Student Union is to put on an exciting production of Euripides’ Medea at the Annex Theatre. The classic ancient Greek tragedy focuses on Medea, as she takes wicked vengeance on her husband Jason, who abandoned her for the Greek princess of Corinth.

Medea was first performed in 431 BCE at the City Dionysia festival. Since then, it has been produced and performed in hundreds of different adaptations, such as Jean Anouilh’s French Drama Médéé. Robinson Jeffers also adapted Medea into a hit Broadway play in 1947 starring Judith Anderson. The play has even been adapted into a dance drama, and musical. Southampton’s Medea director Tara Gilmore adds to this extensive record of production, in the theatre group’s own take on the Greek Tragedy.

The demanding and extremely complex role of Medea is to be played by Kae Ohene-Yeboah, alongside Danny McNamee as Jason. Other roles include Andy Banks as the Tutor, Oliver Bray as the Messenger, and Alexandru Mazare as Aegeus.

Medea is at the Annex Theatre from the 28th-31st October 2015.


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