Review: The Blacklist (Season 3, Episode 8)


The fall finale proves to be as consistently thrilling and intricate as ever, with the plot to clear Elizabeth Keen's name coming to an all too dangerous crossroads.

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The first episode of this season of Jon Bokenkamp’s crime-thriller series began with an intriguing dilemma for our main protagonist, Elizabeth Keen; When you’re wrongly-branded a fugitive and made to go on the run from the very organisation you work for, how on earth do you prove your innocence in a corrupt system, where no-one can be trusted? Eight episodes in, and the fall finale of The Blacklist is still teasing us for answers.

Despite their miraculous escape from Washington D.C., Liz (Megan Boone) and Reddington (James Spader) have been doing anything but laying low. Lead by the ever-mysterious Concierge of Crime, Liz has been chasing after leads that will, apparently, aid the duo in absolving the disgraced FBI agent of her most-wanted status. Meanwhile, Agent Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) has consistently remained one step behind them – and all whilst trying to battle the corrupt inner circle of the US intelligence agencies, lead by the Cabal’s omnipotent Director (David Strathairn).

A smaller sub-plot at the beginning of this season also saw Reddington’s loyal bodyguard Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) being blackmailed, abducted and tortured by one of the Cabal’s most cunning operatives, Matthias Solomon (Edi Gathegi). Although Dembe managed to escape his clutches, Solomon still remains to be an incredibly worthy antagonist, who will likely continue to make things difficult for Red and Liz. In another sub-plot, Liz’s ex-husband Tom (Ryan Eggold) has been conspiring with the disgraced former leader of the taskforce, Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) in order to track down Karakurt – the blacklister who was central to the Cabal’s plot to frame Liz as a dangerous Russian agent.

In the fall finale, entitled ‘Kings of the Highway’ – everything that we’ve been building up to appears to fall apart. While waiting for Dembe to retrieve an important item for their plan to clear Liz, Reddington is abducted by a gang of rowdy thieves – leaving Liz stranded and alone. The episode ends with a series of dramatic cliffhangers which completely alter the odds for the events we’ve been building up to so far, with Liz’s arrest at the hands of Ressler, coming chief among them. Once again, we find Liz in a vulnerable position, in which the outcome of life or death is strictly 50/50. Separated from Reddington and at the mercy of a corrupt system, quite what will happen next is anyone’s guess.

The Balacklist: Season 3 will return to Sky Living in January 2016.


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