Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 3, Episode 1)


Brooklyn Nine- Nine is back to its usual level of hilarity and with just the right amount of adorable, romantic mush to melt your heart.

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Brooklyn Nine- Nine is my happy place. It is the show I go to whenever I feel sad, because everything about it makes me smile.

The first episode of Season 3, ‘New Captain’, picks up right where season 2 left off. Jake and Amy -everybody in the world’s #relationshipgoals– had just shared a kiss in the evidence locker, Captain Holt had been transferred to the PR department and his loyal assistant Gina followed him. Meanwhile the squad were all waiting for the elevator doors to be opened and for the new captain to be revealed.

The new captain, as it turns out, shows up in the form of Seth Dozerman, played by the wonderfully funny Bill Hader. Fans of Hader, I’m just going to say it now: Dozerman ain’t here to stay. However, even if it is just for one episode, Bill Hader’s presence is an absolute joy! He plays a captain who is crazy about efficiency, and it gets on everybody in the precinct’s nerves, especially because of the ‘Dozer Pads’ sent round; which forms the basis for the Rosa and Terry subplot of the episode. Terry of course, is trying to keep the precinct running with Holt gone; whilst Rosa isn’t taking to the new authority figure too well.

Meanwhile, in the PR department, Holt and Gina arrive and Wuntch (a role reprised by the hilarious Kyra Sedgewick) gets them doing some not-so-important work… like naming the NYPD Pigeon police mascot. You’d never think you could see an argument about a pigeon costume get so intense, but somehow it does- and it’s brilliant. Braugher and Sedgewick play off each other so well, and every minute of it is a wonder to behold. As usual, Chelsea Peretti gets to drop plenty of hilarious one-liners (human form of the 100 emoji?? Genius!).

Now to the good stuff… the main premise of the episode. The stuff you really want to know about. What’s going to happen with Jake and Amy? After two whole series of unresolved romantic tension, bad timing and one of the most natural and realistic developments of a relationship to happen on our small screens, we finally got our Jake and Amy kiss. Now, they have to work out what they’re going to do next. So what now? Do they jump straight into the ‘Romantic Stylez’ stuff? Well, of course not- they’d never make it that easy for them. Or for us for that matter.

Instead, Jake and Amy decide to make ‘a comprehensive set of rules’, in order to keep things light and breezy. Anyway, we have some ups, some downs, and then stuff happens. I’m trying not to ruin it for people who haven’t watched it yet, but let’s just say that you get to see Andy Samberg’s adorable smitten face, which always has the ability to turn me into an emotional pile of gloop on the floor.

The only thing that dragged this episode back a little bit for me was Charles’ role in it. Joe Lo Truglio is hilarious, and though I love it when he’s being the no.1 Jake and Amy shipper in the world- it feels a bit of a waste to have that be the only thing he does in the whole episode. Also, where were Hitchcock and Scully? Everyone needs a bit of their awful Detective Skills!

On the whole though- a fabulous episode. Funny, adorable and still the Brooklyn Nine- Nine we know and love. Also, there are some wonderfully quotable lines. ‘Tell my wife I love her… work ethic’. I’m still chuckling at that one.

Anyway, I’m just glad that Brooklyn is back. It was sorely missed.

Series 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs on E4, Thursdays 9pm


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