Preview: Girls Like That at the Nuffield Theatre


Girls Like That, the now sold-out play at the Nuffield Theatre, centres on the minds and lives of a group of 20 teenage girls, focusing on what it’s like the be a adolescent girl in a society where body image, and online image, is so crucial. Written in 2014 by Evan Placey, a Creative Writing Fellow here at the University of Southampton, the play is an explosive exploration of the battles between girls and the companionship between them that is fragile enough to be destroyed by one event.

When a naked photo of Scarlett goes viral, you would think the girls around her would side with her as the victim of the leaked photo. In Girls Like That, it’s quite the opposite. Rather than forming allies, the girls scrutinise Scarlett’s appearance and actions. It looks to be an interesting look at the emergence (or lack thereof) of feminism among teenage girls, with issues of body image, judgement, and slut-shaming.

Girls Like That won Best Play for Young Audiences at the Writers Guild Awards. Its performance at the Nuffield Theatre is directed by Max Lindsay.

Girls Like That runs from 14th-16th January at the Nuffield Theatre. It is now sold out.


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