Review: Heroes Reborn (Season 1, Episode 8)


This episode saw even more revelations and surprises, making it one of the most engaging so far.

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This episode continues from where we left off last week, focussing on the events directly after the explosion. Almost immediately, we are faced with Erica Kravid’s unbearable hypocrisy, as she stands in front of the press and lays all the blame for the incident on the evos. Yet we are quickly satisfied, as Noah finally tracks her down and shoots, if only he could have got the heart. The writers truly have made her the most hateful villain on television, one who manages to make our skin crawl more than any other.

We are then treated to the bizarre image of both future and past Noahs hiding out together. Though at first this is slightly confusing, things are gradually made clearer. The importance of these two running into each other is that we are reminded of the dangers of time travel, as just like in previous adventures, we see the repercussions of messing with history. Indeed, the biggest problem alluded to in this episode is that the past has now be changed. Erica having witnessed the two together has the potential to result in a major butterfly effect, possibly creating a whole new world in the process.

Meanwhile, Hiro Nakamura and Angela Petrelli find themselves back in 1999 and quickly discover that they are stuck there. In an amusing twist, it is revealed that Claire’s son has the ability to take powers from evos, much like his uncle and grandfather. As a result, Hiro is no longer able to travel through time and therefore he and Angela are unable to return to the present. This also raises the issue of how Noah will get home, as Hiro will no longer be able to transport him back to the future.

Fans will be thrilled to hear that Hiro is as amusing as ever in this episode, especially when he is left with Claire’s child. While he seems terrified at first, we later see that he was an excellent parent, as Claire’s son grows up to be a lovely and talented young man. Viewers will additionally be happy to learn who this mystery child is, and it turns out that he is an already beloved character. His identity has so far been a mystery, as his memory was wiped, therefore it will be very interesting to see how he reacts when he finds out the truth. However, this excitement will be dampened by the news that we lose another character in this episode and this death will be the hardest to swallow so far.

Unsurprisingly, the audience is once again driven to sympathise with Joanne and Luke, as despite hope that their son might just be missing, his body is soon uncovered. Both characters are obviously distraught, but we are also reminded of the damage they have caused, leaving us unsure what we should be feeling for these broken characters.

Yet another fan favourite character surprises fans this week, as Matt Parkman returns to our screens. His role is an unexpected one, as he seems to be another evo working for Erica. But don’t worry, he might still redeem himself, as he seems tempted by the prospect of siding with the people he used to know. Sadly, only time will tell which side he is truly on.

At long last, the mysteries we had at the start of this show have been concluded, yet we now have more questions than ever. With both of Claire’s children now revealed, it will be very exciting to see how they find their way to each other and where they will go from there. This is made even more intriguing thanks to Angela’s dreams, which hint at the possibility that the twins might not manage to save the world after all.

Heroes Reborn airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on 5STAR.


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