Review: Jane The Virgin (Season Two)

Extremely Enjoyable

Season two is wacky, entertaining and extremely funny.

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Jane The Virgin is a show about the unlikely pregnancy of the titular virgin Jane Villanueva, which occurs due to her accidental artificial insemination. The first season, in my opinion, was very entertaining and had me hooked from the very start, albeit even if it was still finding its feet. However, due to the very bizarre ending of season one (I won’t reveal it to avoid any spoilers), I was unsure about how season two was going to play out. I feared that this was another show that had a very original premise and a lot of potential, but that would lose all its promise due to odd story progression and far fetched writing.

However, season two pleasantly surprised me and I dare say it was even better than season one! The season found its feet after a shaky start and is exciting and full of surprises. Season two had a complete grip on me and had me wanting more every week!  I feared that it was going to stop being relatable to me, concentrating more on motherhood and Jane’s relationship with her newborn child. However, although season two is about that in a way, this storyline doesn’t dominate the whole show. Instead, the focus is on Jane wanting to balance her writing career with motherhood, a much more appealing direction in my view, since I presume a lot of childless young women such as myself are loyal fans of the show. Also, I think I was too quick to assume that her trials with motherhood were going to be boring, since it was very funny to see scenes of Jane having trouble adapting to it. A highlight for me was the scene of Jane, not having slept or showered for days, trying to juggle watching her son and making some kind of pumpkin meal for him using a blender, getting the food all over her in the process.

Furthermore, for any fans who were invested in Jane, Michael and Rafael’s love triangle, you will not be disappointed. Although the show focuses more on Jane and her trying to focus on adapting to motherhood, fans will still see some romance in the show. This extends to the screenwriters developing the relationship between Jane’s mother and father (Xiomara and Rogelio- XO and Ro for short), which is very cute and I found myself quite invested in it. There is also some focus on the abuela and some insight on why she is how she is with Xo and Jane. On that subject, there is a lot of development for Xo as well and some focus on her dreams and past.

Moreover, there are some funky guest appearances, from Kesha to Britney Spears. The latter doesn’t mind making fun of herself, which was very refreshing. The drug lord plot line is a bit disconnected at times, but it is enjoyable enough and things become clearer at the end of the season. We also see a bit more of Petra and her human side and there’s focus on her struggles with pregnancy, after she artificially inseminates herself (!?) with Rafael’s sperm.

Overall, season two is wacky, fun, entertaining and extremely funny. It is well written, characters are developed nicely and there is always something grabbing your attention. It is definitely an innovative TV series in its own way, daring to be bold and different, and that works to its advantage. In my opinion, the show has truly found its feet now and if you enjoyed Jane the Virgin’s first season, I highly recommend season two, you will not be disappointed. Give it a chance and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud!


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