Review: Heroes Reborn (Season 1, Episode 12)


With the finale just one week away, this episode is filled with tension and excitement.

  • Exciting

This episode begins almost exactly where we last left off, as we see both heroes and humans alike rushing about and trying to get to a safe location, with the apocalypse getting ever closer. Audiences are quickly made aware that this will be an eventful episode, filled with excitement and tension. Yet even as the directors create a successfully tense opening, they then undermine their own work by inserting a radio interview over the scenes. The problem was not the interview itself, it was the script and tone of the voice actors. Instead of the men sounding frightened and eager for information, they came across as fake and over-the-top, their words taking away from the scene rather than adding to it.

While most of our characters are desperately trying to get to Odessa, Tommy is already there. Despite what fans might have hoped for, he is still willing to help Erica, even though her lies were unveiled. However, he soon becomes conflicted when he finds out more about her plans and his hopes to save most of the population are accordingly scuppered. With a hard decision to make, fans will see Tommy grow in this episode, as he fully realizes just how many people are counting on him.

It has been a while since we have seen an interaction between Tommy and his mum, so it was refreshing to see them working together in this episode. Anne helps guide Tommy to make the hard decisions in this episode, as he is split between wanting to save everyone and knowing that, by compromising with Erica, at least he could definitely save some.

Matt is as lost and angry as ever, putting Taylor’s life at risk through his mind control. While his actions through the show have been despicable, you can’t quite hate Matt this time. Unlike in previous weeks, where he seemed to enjoy inflicting pain, in this episode he seems largely concerned with protecting his family.  It also doesn’t hurt to see Erica get a taste of her own medicine, as she has used people’s families against them time and time again.

In a strange twist, Erica is humanised in this episode, as we see everything that caused her hatred of evos, as well as why she was a bad parent. However, this is not good enough for Taylor, who after a lifetime of trying to please her mother, finally cracks. Fuelled by years of disappointment and anger, she takes her mother hostage, demanding answers to the questions that always haunted her, with shocking results.

As the Hele gets closer, the actions of our characters, both beloved and hated, escalate. With the battle between the two sides becoming even more desperate and destructive, audiences will have to wait to see who will be left to face the new world in the season finale.

Heroes Reborn airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on 5Star.


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