E3 Reactions: Crash Bandicoot’s Revival


If you have seen my news article coverage in recent months, you will know I have a special love for Crash Bandicoot. It is a game series which touched my heart, and no doubt countless others as well. But for a character who was once voted the most iconic Playstation character of all time, Crash has had quite some fall from grace. The absurd 2008 release that was Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant was just dire, and led to a long period of Crash being shelved – cast into the mausoleum of gaming history.

So when Eric Hirshberg, the CEO of Activision, took to the E3 stage, and made the following announcement, you can perhaps understand I was over the moon.

“For years, we’ve been asked when is Crash returning, and today that question has been answered. Activision is proud to celebrate the iconic character’s 20-year anniversary by bringing him back in ways that will appeal to hardcore fans, as well as introduce him to a new generation of gamers.”

Crash Bandicoot is a great series because of how simplistic it is. The concept of running through levels, collecting fruits, and jumping obstacles sounds like some kind of dated 2D platformer, and whilst the 3D graphics from back then don’t look a scratch on modern graphics, the game is still incessantly addictive and great fun to play. I have no doubt I will still enjoy playing the original three, even with their old graphics. The levels are inventive, unique, and require a variety of skills to succeed. Crash’s enemies all have a comic edge to them, but will no doubt still annoy you considerably when you accidentally bump them and lose a life! Plus, you have the most epic sidekick in gaming history; talking Tiki mask Aku-Aku, with his classic shout ‘Uka-Uka!’. Though the old graphics give the game a nostalgic feel, the fact they are being remastered is just the icing on the cake.

Naturally, this leads to the discussion of more revivals – I’m specifically talking about Spyro the Dragon, who had his own, equally awesome games in the past. Spyro suffered a similar fate to Crash in being shelved, before he was reborn in Skylanders. But, one can hope if the Crash Bandicoot reboot succeeds (correction, when the Crash Bandicoot reboot succeeds), then Spyro may get his own chance for some solo limelight action.

Activision are certainly on to a winner, and it didn’t even need any innovation. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best and most profitable ones. Roll on 2017! And watch the trailer for new Crash below!


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