How to prepare for your Gilmore Girls Revival Marathon



First StepGet Up to Date. If you’re like me, you will have been watching the show pretty much on a loop since 2007, but if your memory is a little rusty, you can find all seven seasons on Netflix, and numerous clips on YouTube.

Second StepPick a Team. Are you Team Jess, Team Logan or Team Dean? It’s like the Edward-Jacob rivalry… but better! Personally I’m Team Logan, but the online world appears to be heavily Team Jess – seemingly including writer Amy Sherman Palladino! Of course picking a team for Lorelai hasn’t been such a huge question in the run-up to the new series; the consensus there seems to be that everyone loves Luke!

Third StepObsess. There is a wealth of information online about the cast, and who is coming back. We know that all three of Rory’s ex-boyfriends are appearing, and that all three of them are in the finale. We also know that Emily Gilmore will be there, along with Michelle, Sookie and Lane. Edward Herrmann will be sorely missed in the revival, but Sherman Palladino has assured us that he won’t be forgotten. There are even photos from the set and instagrams from the cast that give away tiny details about the revival. Go online, spend hours obsessing over who the ‘wedding scene’ is for.

Fourth StepTrailers. There are two official trailers on YouTube! Watch them both on repeat for an hour. Enjoy the familiar Lorelai-Rory relationship, swoon over the rugged Jess, Dean and Logan, and seriously – Melissa McCarthy is going to be hilarious.

Fifth StepSnacks. Snacks are essential for a true Gilmore Girls marathon; make sure you’re stocked up! We don’t necessarily have the same snacks available to us here in the UK, although Pop Tarts and Twizzlers can be found in the American section of Tesco (other stores are available). Strawberry laces could be a good alternative; I personally will be tucking into a tub of Betty Crocker icing as my marathon snack.


First StepGet Netflix. The four 90 minute episodes are due to drop onto Netflix at 00:01 Pacific Time, which is 8:01 on November 25th for those our side of the world. If you don’t have Netflix yourself, persuade one of your friends to let you use theirs for the day.

Second StepGet Comfy. You’re in for the long haul, and even though this marathon isn’t nearly as long as some others, it will surely be a six hour, emotional rollercoaster. Blankets and pyjamas are advised, but not a requirement.

Third StepThink Like a Gilmore. Give yourself a cheat day and order in as much food as you possibly can. Cooking is absolutely not allowed. Of course, you may not be a fan of ordering Chinese and eating it stale the next day, but it is definitely an option. We are all deeply saddened that we can’t order food from a ‘Luke’s’ near us, but 7BONE makes a good alternative if you live near Portswood like me; burgers are a must. Curry is 100% out of the question; we know Lorelai would hate us for making the whole house smell like Indian food.

Alternative Third StepFind a Sookie. Find your own chef friend and manipulate them into cooking for you. Of course, if they are a real Sookie, they won’t mind making you up some tater tots and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Fourth Step – Emotional Preparation. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Season 7, after Amy Sherman-Palladino (the head writer), and her director and husband Dan Palladino, left the show after the sixth season. With the show going on without them, Lorelai’s break up with Luke and following marriage to Christopher upset many fans. Let’s hope that the revival sorts out some of those loose ends!

Fifth StepGo Crazy with Excitement. I sure as hell will be sat in my pyjamas at 7:59 on the 25th, actually giddy with the excitement of finally getting an ending for this incredible, emotional show, which has now spanned about sixteen years of my life.


The Only Step – Repeat all previous steps, enjoy watching the whole series in order over a month period. Cry because this might actually, finally, be the end.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life arrives on Netflix at 8:01am on Friday 25th November. Catch up with Seasons 1-7 on Netflix right now.


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  1. This is the best culture article I have read all year! Blown away by the humour, style, and detail – clearly Becca Hellard is a true Gilmour Girls fan. Wonderful writing!

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