Review: Broadchurch (Series 3, Episode 2)


Despite a host of new characters being properly introduced, Julie Hesmondhalgh continues to steal the show as rape victim Trish.

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Despite a whole host of suspects being thrown into the mix in Broadchurch‘s second episode, the true star of the show is Julie Hesmondhalgh. Her sensitive and harrowing portrayal of rape victim Trish is completely inspiring, and prompts viewers to really want to solve her case; and as things get more complex, it’s becoming a difficult one to crack.

Five main suspects are introduced to Hardy and Miller’s investigation, but the most interesting is Sir Lenny Henry’s character, Ed Burnett. The twist ending of the episode reveals D.C. Katie Harford (Murdered By My Boyfriend star Georgina Campbell) to be his daughter, and she feeds information to him about the assault. Does she suspect her father could have raped Trish, and if so, is she warning him about the investigation? All will be revealed…

Hesmondhalgh shines in the scene where Trish tells her daughter about her attack, a sensational and heartbreaking moment, that easily produces tears. She is doing an amazing job of handling such a sensitive role with care. Andrew Buchan also shines as damaged Mark, unable to get closure and move on from the death of his son, many years on. The consequences of Danny’s murderer Joe’s non-guilty verdict (seen in Season 2) continue to affect him, and he clashes with his ex-wife Beth (Jodie Whittaker) as a result. It’s crucial to Broadchurch‘s return and history that it’s still dealing with Danny Latimer’s death, three series on; many families who have suffered through the same ordeal will gravitate to this, and be able to relate.

In the next 6 episodes Broadchurch will reveal, piece by piece, evidence and clues as to who the attacker is, and although there are 5 main suspects at the moment, 50 guests are yet to be ruled out, in attendance at the party where the attack took place. Knowing Broadchurch, big twists are a certainty; and I cannot wait.

Broadchurch continues next Monday on ITV, airing at 9pm.


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